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- BetFury games page


- Annual percentage yeild changes with token price and profit pool. Usually approx. 60%.


BetFury is an online casino site. The difference with this site from traditional online gambling is that it pays out daily dividends to players. These dividends are called staking rewards and are distributed to players depending on how many BFG tokens they have. These BFG tokens, created by BetFury, are obtained by placing bets at a rate of 1 per every $15.96 USDT.  By obtaining BFG tokens you can receive a portion of the website's profit pool. These dividends are paid automatically everyday in a variety of tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tron and Tether. They are paid even if you don't play.

The process of obtaining BFG tokens by making many small bets is called mining. $70 per month dividends is estimated based off 100,000 BFG tokens and a Bitcoin price of $23,000. With a mining rate of $16 per BFG, it will probably take a week and more than two thousand dollars betting capital. Remember that $1 can be wagered over and over multiple times provided it is not lost on a bet so required funds will not be $1.6 million. The idea is that once you obtain the 100,000 tokens, 100% ROI will be achieved in about 2 years. Once the initial investment is recovered, the rest is passive income. These figures assume no price increase in BTC and total loss of all wagered funds which is conservitive. Generally over longer time periods crypto appreciates against dollars and this would decrease the time to 100% ROI. You can read more about How dividends are calculated and Why it is so hard to estimate the dividends on the forum.


For those who want to buy BFG instead of mining it, you can now buy it at PancakeSwap and Biswap Exchange. Currently you can buy 100,000 BFG for $1880 which would give 100% ROI in 25 months. This seems like the obvious choice but do your own research as prices fluctuate so much, it is impossible to keep this information totally up to date. 

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB),  or Tron (TRX) is required to make deposits into Betfury. This can be bought on exchanges such as Binance/Coinbase and transferred onto the site. This is also how earnings can be transferred off the site back to your wallet at anytime. Explanations how to do this can be found Here.

Passive income is good but what's even better is having an income source in Bitcoin.

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To receive a passive income, you will first need to invest money into the platform so that you can get some BFG tokens. This method is called mining. It is effectively losing money into the game as slowly and efficiently as possible. If done correctly you can wager large amounts through many tiny bets, without losing much at all.

It is recommended you play the inhouse games (Dice, Plinko, Mines, Keno) as these will allow you to bet the smallest amount. Betting a small amount lets you bet as many times as possible for your available bankroll. This will allow you to achieve the closest loss rate to the house edge in the long term (2% on Dice).

Although it is more fun to bet more, and you may win more in the short term, in the long run you will ultimately end your winning streak, have less bets available per bankroll and will not mine as many BFG tokens.

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- BFG Staking Token


- Betfury staking payouts page


BFG tokens are earned from placing bets in any of the accepted currencies (BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX, USDT). On the staking page, BetFury shows the profit pools that have accumulated from all token types. 3% of these pools are distributed daily to BFG token holders. The USDT pool has the largest USD value mainly due to the selloff in the crypto market, but also due to its mining popularity, especially in the past. On this page you can also see the mining rates. These are the rates at which you accumulate BFG tokens. 

Like most mined tokens, the difficulty level increases as more tokens are minted. In other words, as time goes on, you will need to spend more and more capital (USD/BTC/TRX) to mine one BFG token. The green bar shows how long until the next difficulty change. The mining rate is pegged to a USDT price ($16), and all the other crypto mining rates float to keep an equivalent rate to the USDT price. For this reason no matter what token you mine with, you will always gain tokens relative to a USDT price.

Choosing the best token to mine with gets a bit complicated, but can be read about Here. Generally, use the token you have sourced for what you believe to be 'cheap' or a token that recently had a big runup compared to USDT, provided you were holding it prior. Another way to say this is, if you are bullish crypto, then it makes sense to mine with USDT because you expect it to become worth less as the price of crypto goes up. It doesn't make sense to throw away something you anticipate will go up in value.


Because the mining difficulty increases over time, generally it becomes harder to mine unless theres a large gain in BTC for instance then you will be able to mine more with the same BTC because you can use less BTC to wager $16 USDT. It's also good to use a token that has cheap transfer fees. This is why I like the Binance Smart Chain and Tron networks. You don't want to be losing your dividends to transfer/gas fees and these networks are under a dollar per transfer.

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Although there are many people on the internet claiming to know the best ways to mine, the best way is the method that you can set on auto and walk away safely. Remember the objective is to mine by betting a small amount many times and reduce risk as much as possible. However! you also don't want to be betting 1 Satoshi per bet. At current mining rates betting one Sat per second will take 670,000,000 seconds or 1107 weeks of auto betting 24/7 to get 100k BFG. This is not efficient as the mining difficulty will increase and your electricity consumption will also be higher. You also need to bet a minimum of $0.01 to accumulate BFG (40 sats).


There are methods that tell you to set 'increase on loss to 3100%'. This is possible and will allow you to recover the loss if you win the next bet, however note that if you have multiple losses in a row, you will be increasing the bet exponentially. It wont take many losses in a row until you will be betting your entire bankroll to break even. Methods like this should only be used when at the computer and when a stop loss has been set. To see more risky and fun methods please click Here. For a simple consistent method, play dice with the settings below.

mine new.png

Set the slider 'chance to win' to 95%, bet amount to $0.01 and switch to Auto mode. ALWAYS set a stop on loss depending on risk tolerance. This will protect you from mis-clicks or miscalculations. 1800% is a good start for 'increase on loss' but can be increased for a larger bankroll. Remember consecutive losses will increase the wager exponentially. Only increase this with care and careful calculation to figure out how many losses you can sustain. The betting calculator linked below can help simulate how many losses you can sustain depending on bankroll and percent increase on loss. You can read how to use the betting calculator by clicking calculator tutorial.


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- Fury Charge

BetFury continues to look after its loyal customers with other incentives. These include cash back rewards, which increase as your rank increases. Cashback is a percentage (2%-25%) of losses that are returned to you. The percentage increases with your level as a player. This should be reinvested with steaking rewards in the early stages to increase compounding.

Betfury also has boxes you can buy which return good rates of interest on locked capital. Free boxes are like faucets that provide users with tiny amounts of free BTC and BFG. The Fury Wheel can be spun peridoically for a chance at free crypto.


Rakeback is available at Rank 3 and will automatically accumulate a percentage >4% of all wagers placed. It can be claimed every 20 mins.


Fury Charge becomes avaulable at Rank 4. If you wager >$1000 in the previous 7 days you will unlock another faucet that will drop payouts at intervals selected by you. The payout is based on total size of wager in the previous 7 days after activation as well as rank and of course claim frequency. Ideally you want to claim every hour, but because this isnt always practical the interval can be set to 6 hours and then changed back to one hour when available. 

Lastly, events like daily tasks, jackpots, and other promotions such as Betfury Battles help reward players for wagers. Just remember to be careful not to be lured into playing instead of mining! 

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- Fury Wheel



Remember in this method capital preservation is your utmost goal. To assist you here are a few rules:

  • Do not play/gamble for fun. Although this sounds boring you need to stay on task and not gamble away your mining capital. Gamble after you have achieved your BFG goals.

  • Do not buy crypto when the price is high - Although this is easier said than done. Like stocks, you should try to buy BTC or BNB on a dip rather than at all time highs. This will lower your USD cost of mining in a crypto bull market. If in doubt mine with USDT.

  • If you fail at the above rules UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES gamble your BFG tokens

  • Use the live chart pop-out to track win/loss rate. The chart should track horizontally for as long as possible without large gains or losses in a successful mining starategy.

  • Never transfer all your bitcoin into your account at once. This may sound extreme but it will help you psychologically to stay on task if you feel poorer. It will also prevent any large losses if you miss-click the auto gamble settings, which will happen. There is now a vault feature in Betfury so that you can seperate large quantities from that used for mining/playing.


- Live Chart Display

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This is not a standard passive income option and does come with some risks to consider: 

  • Dilution - as more BFG is mined over time, if revenue pool and distributions don't increase then payouts will decrease.

  • No guarantees - Because this is not a standard shareholder situation, there is no obligation for BetFury to keep everything the same forever. However in my expereince most changes have been put to the community as a vote before changes made. 

  • Bitcoin price - most people are pricing returns from current crypto prices but it may go up or down in the future.

  • Player growth - The model does require either a supply of gamblers or more miners to ensure profit pools stay filled.



If you like the idea of a non-standard passive income stream that pays in bitcoin and has upside potential from increased player revenues and bitcoin appreciation, and you understand the risks, then you will like BetFury.

The last benefit to mention is the referral bonus. You can receive a percentage for referring people.

Please join BetFury under my referral link below!

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